As promised, here is the third novel of the promised six. Definitely NOT a YA book, this novel is brother to a mystery novel, sister to a tatterdemalion novel – yet not imposed louche. It’s ART TOWN!

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What if Trilobites were rediscovered, and easy to breed, and became the pet everyone had to have? Trilobites! explores the pandemonium that follows with a diverse coterie of characters — kids, teens, young adults, and adults, traversing the continent in a quest, that turns into a chase, that turns into the pivotal moment of the human race. Trilobites!


Vug #3: The Launch

Tripping suggests that all highs are laid on top of each other, so juxtaposed. And tripping suggests that all of these highs are available, if one wanted to relive those experiences. Maybe memory is a type of tripping, but so entangled, entwined, so deep it is considered the real thing.

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Vug #2: Stanley

Menschlikayt requires conscience. This means choice, the ability to choose or decide or pick good or evil. The right to choose badly. The right to sin. That’s what A Clockwork Orange plugs.

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A group of kids on vacation with their parental units at a bird sanctuary on the US/Mexico border encounter the greatest cataclysm of Earth’s history: a rip in the time space continuum. Kids from our time are exchanged with identical kids from another now, where history had gone differently. Balance is threatened and a bunch of kids from there are forced here. Doubles!



Monad is the model of the individual today no matter how much money a person might have, no matter where that person might live. Redneck, intellectual, it doesn’t matter, left-right, no real difference, because they’re all Monads and wallpaper is skin deep.

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For nearly 50 years, wackos have mustered to the fading mining town and transformed this forgotten corner of the nation, that hides away down on the bottom of the map, into an art town (where wacko is not a pejorative, rather a sloppy generalization that satisfies civilians, for seekers, artists, survivalists, independent scholars, and con artists).