In 2018, my novel, Hinterland, was released through Amazon and Ingram. Now, I am excited to be releasing a second novel, Trilobites! Book design for both is by Bill Dietz, and whatever else these books may be, they are beautiful objects to heft and peruse.

Trilobites! is quite the ride! What if Trilobites were rediscovered, and easy to breed, and became the pet everyone had to have? Trilobites! explores the pandemonium that follows with a diverse coterie of characters — kids, teens, young adults, and adults, traversing the continent in a quest, that turns into a chase, that turns into the pivotal moment of the human race. Trilobites!

Order some copies! Nieces and nephews will love it! But also anyone who loves a good story of impossible situations that make sense. The Trilobite discovery is the result of a deep assault on some of the Earth’s last water resources.

My plan is simple: I have four novels that occur or refer to a mythical town in southeastern Arizona called Coltrane. Hinterland and Trilobites! are now out. Soon, I hope the other two will be available. One is simply called Coltrane, Arizona. The other is titled Naco Pink. The four novels are not a series though they are related.

I did not sit down one day and decide, “I’m going to write YA novels!” I have read excellent novels marketed as YA. My novels do involve kids, and adults, in awesome adventures with a science fictional edge. But the kids don’t have superpowers. They do have human powers. The 4 novels take place in a near future undergoing extreme change. New adventures mean new frontiers that require new ideas. So YA, SF – whatever they are, I know they make for interesting, challenging, and fun reads.

Don’t forget! Hinterland is still available, too!

…& finally, for sheer fun:

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